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We at ivicos highly value your internet security when using our website.
This is why we have developed transparent policies on how we would like to deal with your personal data.

Cookies are small text files, which are stored locally on your computer or mobile device and retrieved whenever a user accesses a website in the future. Ivicos uses cookies to improve and facilitate your visit to our website. We do not use cookies to automatically and/or continuously store personal data or provide third parties with information. 

Deleting cookies from your computer or mobile device is a simple process. The help section of your browser provides information on how to manage and remove cookies. You can also disable cookies or set your browser to notify you when a new cookie is sent to your computer or mobile device. Please note, however, that you will not be able to use all features if you disable cookies. 

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Accordion ContentWe have taken technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data so that they do not disappear, cannot be manipulated or accessed by unauthorized persons. We continuously improve our security measures in accordance with technical progress. 

The information we collect is stored within the European Economic Area (EEA), but may also be transferred and processed in a country outside the EEA. All transfers of personal data are made in accordance with applicable law. 

As a registered user, we will keep you updated on on changes to our Privacy Policy via e-mail.
You can click here to find the latest version of the Privacy Policy.


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