Three important hints...

...and you're ready to go

please click on grey space if animation is not starting…


move space – zoom-out and zoom-in

touch/click and hold to move space

computer mouse with a wheel

wheel down – zoom-in wheel up – zoom-out

touchpad or touchscreen

place two fingers on the touchpad, move fingers up or down.


pay attention to the mouse position: this is where the zoom center is


add and connect smart items, categorize

double click on background to add first item 

repeat to add a second item 

drag&drop element on top of the other

right click to assign a category


right mouse click on items or areas


right click on item allows to categorize item

right click on area allows to add a smart box to the area, e.g. a websearch 

drag&drop item on top of a smart box

drag&drop content out of a smart box

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