template guidelines

how to apply ivicos templates

once you’re logged in you have the choice between three templates. there are a lot more templates to come in the future.

there are only a couple of things you should learn, e.g. how to zoom-in and -out or how to add items to a workspace. watch a couple of very short videos before you start to explore it on your own.

team meeting workspace

for your daily standups and meetings – set topics, discuss, decide and record tasks

problemstorming workspace

have a structured brainstorming about a problem, develop and evaluate potential solutions and record tasks

innovation workspace

agile solution development: walk-through the most important steps towards an innovation - please visit this website or download our customized guideline
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you are in hurry?
you want to be kept informed?​

video conferencing on top of a workspace

fully integrated, secure video conferencing (read more about security)
for seamless and efficient teamwork

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