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coming soon

  • a cool new feature

    we don't tell you what it is by now. but soon you'll have fun and enjoy the work and discussions with your team members.

  • more templates

    a lot of tools and methods are waiting for an integration into ivicos. we are working on it.

  • space management

    delete, rename or reorder spaces

  • improved usability

    we know there is room for improvement. we prioritize all ideas and try to realize a maximum as quick as possible.

november 2020

  • renaming of co-crate GmbH --> now: ivicos GmbH

    we started in 2019 and needed to register a company name. we started with co-crate but it turned out that people liked ivicos 😉

  • new website started

    ivicos is now the company name with a set of products: ivicos Space, ivicos Campus and ivicos Strategy are in development... more to come.

april 2020

  • real-time translation - added chinese and spanish

    we want our users to enjoy the benefits of real-time translation in international teams working remotely

  • video conferencing

    almost ready to start we added a cool feature: instead of managing two applications users now can just hit the "video" button and are connected while working on an ivicos workspace

  • launch of ivicos public beta

    we're happy to provide free access to ivicos public beta, please share the news and make good use of ivicos in your remote teams

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