all a team needs in one application

ivicos is so much more than a 1:1 transfer of a physical whiteboard into a digital environment
it is a native digital intelligent space for team collaboration

thanks to its unique architecture ivicos is capable of compiling  high quality outputs fully automatically

ivicos smart areas, boxes and items provide support in applying tools and methods, right time, right way 

content on ivicos can be displayed in a team members native language. increased common understanding, especially during "corporate language" discussions in international teams

data hosting in germany jitsi secure video conferencing in line with EU GDPR regulation

an infinite workspace,
a translator,
a methods expert,
a facilitator,
a presentation designer?

ivicos integrates all of these functionalities in one end-to-end service.

simple - sleek - smart

define problem - select template - go

ivicos templates guide teams step by step through the process. methods and tools are provided where they are needed. team members can focus on contributing knowledge and expertise. ivicos automatically creates beautiful outputs teams can send to their management right away.

open and future-proof

ivicos easily plugs into MS Teams, works with Slack and will over time be integrated with many other great apps. thanks to its unique architecture, ivicos will be able to integrate great AR- and VR-based services in the future.

core elements of ivicos

smart items

smart items are the basic entities on ivicos capturing the content of team contributions. smart items can be classified for instance as goals, actions, externals drivers, trends and many more. way beyond a simple post-it, smart items give meaning to each team members contribution.

smart boxes

smart boxes provide methods processing and structuring content and contributions from smart items.
goals assessment, SWOT or PESTLE, idea napkins and many more methods are part of the first release, many others will follow.

smart area

smart areas

smart areas visually structure the team process into its individual steps. each team process template is made of a set of smart areas on which smart items and boxes are placed. zooming in and out helps teams navigating through the most complex issues.

still using a typewriter?

history shows that those making smart use of technology become industry leaders. newest technologies allow for highly efficient support of team collaboration.


your talents expect to be able to use state-of-the-art technology

simple, straightforward and effective team collaboration


benefit from your team’s knowledge and creativity during synchronous phases and allow for individually focused work phases in asynchronous mode. use divergent and convergent techniques efficiently in remote settings.

teamwork reinvented

instead of transferring physical concepts 1:1 into a digital environment we have thought about how teamwork takes place in a remote environment and developed ivicos from scratch.

remote is the new normal

new work – and with it remote teamwork – is taking off as a tool for companies and institutions to get more agile and resilient. new tools are needed for this new reality teams will be facing in future work environments.

what others are saying

this looks radically new and innovative - not just a 1:1 copy of existing tools.
amazing. that's the right product at the right time. for me it looks like the first days of Skype, Slack or Trello.
the solution of choice for consultants. clear communication, traceable results - teams collaborate as if they were in the same room. highly efficient teamwork becomes reality.
en_USEnglish de_DEGerman

intelligent space

more than a canvas with post-it’s - a platform for smart teamwork services

methods and tools

ivicos guides users and helps with applying tools and methods - the right way and time

real-time translation

read content in your preferred language, contribute in a language you are familiar with and avoid misunderstandings

you are in hurry?
you want to be kept informed?​

video conferencing on top of a workspace

fully integrated, secure video conferencing (read more about security)
for seamless and efficient teamwork

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