ivicos GmbH (initially registered as co.crate GmbH) was founded in mid-2019 by a group of software designers, consultants and scientists. Our passion is to digitalize conceptual work and to enable more flexible, decentralized and creative team collaboration. ivicos – intelligent virtual collaboration solutions

our ambition

building the leading collaboration platform

building on our expertise in workshop facilitation, decision support and application development, we provide solutions that move conceptual work into an intelligent digital environment.

new tools to empower new work

new work is taking off and with it an essential prerequisite – remote collaboration. we want to build the leading collaboration platform for the future of teamwork. co.crate therefore wants to contribute to the new world of work. thus we promote values that are important in new work environments: personal autonomy, wholeness, appreciation.

we want to use smart technology to conjure up magic moments, aha-experiences and flow experiences.

we want to enjoy intellectual aesthetics and smart solutions. we like to work in a place where superficial and cumbersome solutions are at best a rarely used stopgap.

fulfill customer needs

we want to feel resonance with the users of our work and product. we want to have the feeling of satisfying a real need.

our purpose is meaningful work in a sense-driven organization.  it stands for integrity and responsibility, builds trust with customers and trusts these customers as partners on an equal footing.

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you are in hurry?
you want to be kept informed?​

video conferencing on top of a workspace

fully integrated, secure video conferencing (read more about security)
for seamless and efficient teamwork

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