ivicos Space

better results,

an intelligent virtual collaboration space for teams

secure video conferencing

secure video conferencing

integrated secure videoconferencing allows for carefree teamwork



teams focus on content – ivicos takes care of the rest

european solution

european solution

developed by europeans, securely hosted in Europe, in line with eu data and privicy protection regulation

real-time translation

real-time translation

an efficiency boost for your international teams - sound unspectacular? test it and you'll be astonished

intelligent space

intelligent space

future-proof application ready to integrate latest vr- and ai-based services

smart elements

smart elements

with only two easy to appropriate smart element types to model any given conceptual task



ivicos guides your team to apply the right method in the right way at the right point in time

deliverables and output


ivicos automatically creates beautiful high-quality results presentations and generates deliverables

from simple brainstorming to complex strategy projects

new work requires new tools

focussing on what remote teams really need

discover how ivicos leads your team to the best results

communication and joint understanding

real-time translation dramatically increases mututal understanding in remote teams – badly needed to make up for the communication deficits that come with remote settings. so far only ivicos provides this great feature! Together with the built-in video-conferencing mutual understanding will eventually outclass physical meetings.

straight forward workshops instead of endless blabla

ivicos templates lead through a workshop step by step. team members focus on contributing individual knowledge and diverse perspectives for superior joint results.

Highly efficent collaboration through intelligent linking of synchronous and asynchronous working modes

combine the benefits of focussed individual work phases with the creativity, dynamics and analytical power of live team collaboration in meetings and workshops. ivicos supports the integration of sychronous and asynchronous teamwork in an unmatched way.

teamwork will never be the same again

all in 1: vc, chat, real-time translation

no need to have a separate audio or  video call, ivicos already includes a webRTC solution just as an interface to a real-time translation engine.

intuitive & easy to use

no icon bars. no countless settings and configurations. just a clean and cognitively optimized visual user interface.

intelligent guidance

offers its users intelligent support such as real-time translation, virtual moderation and interfaces to research and AI services.

sound methodology

helps teams to apply the right method in the right way through a growing set of interactive templates, smart items and smart areas.

end-2-end support

from data integration up to the automatic generation of high-quality output formats.

highly secure

high level of data security and data privacy based on european standards. optional private cloud or on premise installation.


teamwork reinvented

ivicos helps teams achieve better results faster

honors | proud of

European Commission

seal of excellence

CMS - equIP

helping start-ups scale

BAFA invest

worth an investment

bafa invest banner

start great teamwork now

free of charge during covid-19 crisis and
permanently free of charge for not-for-profit organizations

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Horizon 2020 Seal of Excellence

a EU quality label for first-class innovation ideas worthy of investment: The Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to project proposals submitted to Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation funding programme, to help these proposals find alternative funding. Projects which were judged to deserve funding but did not get it due to budget limits receive the Seal of Excellence. It recognises the value of the proposal and helps other funding bodies take advantage of the Horizon 2020 evaluation process.

BAFA invest

der co.crate GmbH wurde seitens der BAFA die Förderfähigkeit von ivicos im Rahmen des BAFA INVEST Programms zu erkannt.
The German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) has recognised the eligibility of ivicos within the BAFA INVEST programme.

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it’s free of charge.

schedule your individual video-conferening/screensharing date.

output and deliverables

ivicos automatically creates beautiful high-quality results presentations and generates deliverables

methods and tools

ivicos guides users and helps with applying tools and methods - the right way and time

smart items

your ideas in a box that will get smarter and smarter over time

intelligent space

more than a canvas with post-it’s - a platform for smart teamwork services

real-time translation

read content in your preferred language, contribute in a language you are familiar with and avoid misunderstandings

method templates

a growing number of templates for problem solving, design thinking, daily stand-ups, team meeting, business modelling or innovation

teamwork reinvented

take your team to the next level - lead in the new normal of distributed teams

video conferencing on top of a workspace

fully integrated, secure video conferencing (read more about security)
for seamless and efficient teamwork

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